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Avoid offensive Language

أضف تعليق

Wed, 13 June 2012

OUTLOOK — By Dr Asyah Al Bualy — I am not a person with influence, and I do not belong to the wealthy class or to those who are involved in to enact the country’s laws, and in addition I have no interest in websites where social interacting takes place with all its pulling and pushing of issues, ideas and opinions. I am an ordinary citizen like any other ordinary citizen living in Oman’s district, street, and alley.
But as a human being in the first place it is natural for me to be affected positively or negatively by all that happens in my society and become affected by it. Based on my mind, which is my only wealth, it is natural for me to take a stance against occurrences currently happening in Oman.
Recently, the Shura Council highlighted the importance of establishing laws that would limit wrong actions, offensive words and seditious calls caused by some people. What was written in the local newspapers on the 6th June 2012 was terrifying and its impact on any citizen who loves this country is equal to a nightmare.
For this reason my pen was urged to write in order to recall the significance of our unity as a nation to activate the positive roles of all civil and government institutions against any such actions that would distort or disrupt the Omani motto which is “Oman means morals and values”.
I was astonished at the ungratefulness of some people in our society. Is it rational or sensible that their offensive language to reach the level of His Majesty? The country’s icon and the one who made it what it is today. Did they really forget? Or are they deliberately pretending to forget?
How can they not remember what was Oman like in the past? And where it has reached today? How can they by all means, deny the virtues of His Majesty and his blessed renaissance? Oh! Can their offensive words and messages be considered an expression of gratitude and appreciation to the leader, the patron and the father of the nation?
Did they forget the fact that His Majesty was the first to grant them freedom of speech? The first to ban confiscation of thought. Oh! What thoughts did they present to Oman? Apart from misusing technology in spreading rumours to defame people’s reputations and disparage them. Not only this, but also their manner in provoking people against their country by devious words, means and deeds. How can this be called thoughts or intellect!
Does freedom of speech means irresponsibility of words, action and behaviour? Does it mean giving themselves the right to stir discord and confusion, and to flare situations?
If this is what was meant by freedom, then, what is chaos? They should know that with their awful actions they are totally responsible in transforming our nation to a barbaric forest.
You should also remember that any offensive words or actions towards your country are not the ideal way of addressing issues because no two wrongs can become one right.
Offense additionally, is not the magical stick that would penetrate society and solve its deficiencies. Furthermore, it is not the bridge to gain rights and fulfil wishes, and it does not interpret citizenship and patriotism.
On the contrary, it is the basic obstacle to our country’s progression and prosperity.
Finally, offense leads to social, political, economical and security instability. Therefore, I convey my sincere wishes to you out of love and loyalty to our country, by telling you that what you have done is totally
far from the society’s principles and it contradicts our Islamic teachings and religious learning, tradition and customs.
Awake and beware before it is too late!

الكاتب: Asyah Al Bualy

Born in Zanzibar on 1962, An Omani citizen. PhD. in criticism with Honours from Cairo University in May 2000. The posts that she has held have been Assistant Professor at Sultan Qaboos University, from August 2000 until June 2006. Since June 2006, she has been working at the Research Council, as Adviser for culture and humanities upon a Royal Order by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The content on this space is written by Dr. Asyah, it is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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