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Short C.V. – Dr Asyah Al-Bualy


Dr. Asyah Nasser Seif Al Bualy was born in Zanzibar Island on 15th March 1962 and is an Omani citizen. She obtained her PhD. in criticism with Honours from the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University in May 2000.

The posts that she has held have been Assistant Professor at the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, from August 2000 until June 2006.  Since June 2006, she has been working at the Research Council, as Adviser for culture and humanities upon a Royal Order by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

Asyah has authored five research papers in criticism of the novel, short stories and folk literature, published in peer-reviewed periodicals of: the American University in Beirut, Petra University in Jordan, Mansoura University in Egypt, Magalat Al-Funoun Al-Sha’biyah (Folkarts Magazine) in Cairo and Majalat Al-Turath  Al-Sha’bi (Folk Tradition Magazine) in Ras El-Kheyma.

She also has written five research papers in criticism in general, published in Majalat Al-Nazwa Culture Magazine in Oman, Majalat Mira’t Al-Jame’a (University Mirror Magazine), Sultan Qaboos University and the publications of Al-Muntada Al-Adabi (Literary Forum) in Muscat, Oman.

In addition, Asyah has written approximately seventy articles in the field of art critique (theatre, cinema, TV plays, fine art, photography and music), and on social issues published in Al-Watan (The Homeland) newspaper, Muscat, Oman.

She has participated in many events including; discussions on (Television, Radio, and Newspapers), conferences, cultural seminars, and art festivals, amongst others, at the national, regional and international levels.

Asyah has been the recipient of certificates of gratitude and appreciation, as for example, a certificate of appreciation from the Smithsonian folklife international Festival Washington D.C (U.S.A), in June 2005.

An award and merit certificate from the Arab Pioneers and Inventors Festival, Syria in December 2008, held under the auspices of The Arab League and the President of Syria Dr. Bashar Al Asad. This award was due to the biography written by Dr Asyah in her book entitled “The Pioneer: Professor Fatma bin Salem bin Seif al Maamary; (1911-2002); a Historical Documentary and Academic Study” issued in February 2008 by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture in Muscat.

Asyah was awarded a certificate of appreciation in October 2010, at the fifth international conference of Ministers of Higher education and Scientific Research, held in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, for her research paper, “empowering women”,  in which she represented women of the entire Arab world .

Asyah has been a member of the board of trustees of The Network of Women Scientists of the Islamic World (NWSIW), since January 2010. This selection transpired following her presentation of a research paper, “Prominent Omani Women: Self fulfillment and Development” to the NWSIW, in Tehran, Iran (April, 2009); and was approved by the Islamic Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO).

Dr Asyah is the granddaughter of Professor Fatma bint Salem bin Seif Al-Maamary; the second woman to obtain a Doctorate Degree (PhD) (1955) in the Arab world.

Asyah is the daughter of Sharifa Al Lamki; the first Omani student to graduate from the American University in Cairo (1955), and she was duly awarded for this (Muscat, February 2010); and for her academic and political achievements during her years of study (1951-1955).


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